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Lisa Erickson

Dating Den Episode 177 - With Lisa Erickson: How Leaking Energy Can Impact Your Dating Success


Dating Den Episode 177 - With Lisa Erickson: How Leaking Energy Can Impact Your Dating Success


Lisa Erickson

Dating Den Episode 177 – With Lisa Erickson: How Leaking Energy Can Impact Your Dating Success

Have you ever had feedback from a date you thought went really well… then you were shocked to hear the guy thought there was no chemistry?

Or the guys you’re into aren’t sexually attracted to you?

Or heard some men find you ‘intimidating’?

And it’s made you question if the quality men you meet see you as girlfriend (or wife) material?

The truth is you’re making the #1 dating mistake women make –

You’re unconsciously leaking the WRONG energy when you’re around men you’re attracted to.

Marni welcomes Lisa Erickson into the Den to talk about chakras, our body’s energy centers, and how our energetic body relates to our emotional, mental, and physical body. Lisa is an Energy Worker who specializes in women’s energetics and sexual trauma healing. She is the author of Chakra Empowerment for Women and she helps women balance and maximize their energy during key parts of their lives.

Key takeaways from this episode:

Shifting into your feminine energy before a date

  • Releasing old trauma
  • How to stop leaking precious energy
  • The differences between men and women’s energy bodies

What is an Energetic Body? [2:28]

We all have an energy body. If you have ever felt ‘bad vibes’ or heebie-jeebies from someone, you are intuitively using your energy body. There are ways to shift our mental and emotional states including the vibrations we send out to the world. Shifting our energy can shift who we attract into our lives and how we feel.

There are healing modalities that are connected to the energetic body that are related to energy medicine traditions all around the world. Reiki and acupuncture, for example, are becoming widely adopted. Humans have an energy anatomy that can be mapped. Our chakras are energy centers that relate to different physical body parts and to unique emotions and psychological states.

We intuitively feel the chakras but don’t always know it. When you are broken hearted it is in the heart chakra.

Marni asks Lisa about the 10% energy leakage many women experience. Lisa says we have different levels of our psyche and each level has a certain vibration. If we have unresolved feelings of anxiety or unworthiness, desperation, or people-pleasing, that will come through in our presentation to others. People will feel it the way we can feel the vibes of others.

Men’s and Women’s Energy Bodies Are Different [12:41]

Lisa says men tend to be anchored in the root chakra. This energy center is linked to the physical body. If men have baggage, they have a tendency to become emotionally rigid and unempathetic. In its best expression, the root chakra is grounded, stable, and protective. Men, in general, need to work on fluidity and empathy.

Women, however, are anchored in their second chakra which is fluid and linked to water and emotions. Women are also more empathic. We have a tendency to adopt other people’s emotions as our own without realizing it. On the energetic level, it means women need to work on boundaries and grounding.

The second chakra is also related to a woman’s reproductive cycle. Peri-Menopause is considered a spiritual transit in cultures that deal with energy consciously. Women receive bursts of energy to deal with things from our past at a time when our intuitive gifts are flowering. Boundaries become more important. It’s time to push away other people’s energy in favor of your own.

In holistic medicine, the mind and body are not separate. Your energy body is the glue that holds them together.

How to Work With Energy [21:31]

Each of the chakras has different colors and visuals related to them. Lisa says we can work with energy centers through memories or affirmations. Try to simply state what you want to feel and focus on the related chakra and the part of the body.

If you are going to start dating and it feels uncomfortable for you to get into your feminine or to be sensual. Or, you have a hard time flirting or you don’t feel safe being sexual. Shift your energy in your second chakra.

It’s about connecting to your feminine energy in a positive way. In dating, visualize an avatar and focus on which chakras you want to bring forth. Visualize yourself putting your energetic parts into the foreground.

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