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Episode 6


Christian Anderson

How To Have A Conversation That Leaves Him Wanting More

Episode 6

How To Have A Conversation That Leaves Him Wanting More


Christian Anderson

Dating Den Episode 6 – With Christian Anderson: How To Have A Conversation That Leaves Him Wanting More

One question I hear all the time is…

“How do I know if a guy is hitting on me?”

I get why it’s an important question…

You don’t want to feel silly flirting with a guy, and then find out he’s just being friendly.

An even better question is…

“How do I get a guy to approach me, flirt a little… then leave him wanting more?”

That’s what we cover on today’s episode of the Dating Den, with the ultimate high-quality man and dating expert Christian Anderson.

If you want to learn how to spot a guy that definitely IS into you…

PLUS learn a few ‘soft ball’ comments you can casually mention to a man that will inspire him to ask you out…

You don’t want to miss what Christian has to say.

The truth is, a breakdown in communication is the reason why more connections are missed, than made.

Most guys, even the good ones, are reluctant to strike up a conversation. The truth is they’re afraid of rejection, which is funny because as women, we think… “Well, he’s not coming over – guess he’s not into me.”

But the reality is, you couldn’t be more wrong!

So when a guy DOES come talk to you, the single most important thing you can do is,…

Give him a sign that you might be interested!

That doesn’t mean you have to go on on and on – actually quite the opposite!

Check out 1:25 on How To Keep The Conversation Short and Sweet.

And if you’re talking to a shy guy that can’t pull the trigger and and ask you out, at 2:17 of the podcast I go over the quickest and easiest way to get him to do just that.

So if you really want a guy to approach you, flirt a little, then leave him wanting more…

Check out these insider secrets men won’t tell you — but they definitely want you to know!

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