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Episode 130


Dr. Ron Ehrlich

I Need Dating Help. How to Get Rid of Dating Stress Now?

Episode 130

I Need Dating Help. How to Get Rid of Dating Stress Now?


Dr. Ron Ehrlich

Dating Den Episode 130 – With Dr. Ron Ehrlich: I Need Dating Help. How to Get Rid of Dating Stress Now?

Does dating stress you out? Did a date not go well because you were thinking about a zillion other things instead of being curious about the other person? If you want to know the most impactful ways to minimize stress and change your attitude toward the stress you have no control over download this episode now.

Marni welcomes one of Australia’s leading holistic health advocates, Dr. Ron Ehrlich. Dr. Ehrlich has been a holistic dentist for over 35 years. He takes a holistic approach to health and wellness. He has created a comprehensive model of how stress impacts our lives in his book, A Life Less Stressed: The 5 Pillars of Health and Wellness.

Key Takeaways:

  • What stress is good for you
  • How sleep can improve your dating life
  • How to empower yourself when dealing with stress
  • Why it’s important to change your attitude about stress
  • The 5 Pillars of Health and Wellness
  • Proper sleep hygiene
  • How electronics keep the body stressed

Dr. Ehrlich’s Philosophy on Stress [2:20]

In our modern world, everyone can relate to stress. Most people can acknowledge that stress affects human health. Stressors are part of our everyday lives. Dr. Ehrlich’s approach to stress has been to identify the factors that makeup stress. Since we can’t eliminate stress from our lives, the key to managing it is to build up our resilience to it.

He reminds us that not all stress is bad. Exercise and fasting are examples of good stressors. We need to build good stressors in our lives to challenge our immune systems.

As the world becomes increasingly more complex he believes the solution to the problem is simple. Some people get empowered by work and stress and others feel overwhelmed. Changing our attitude towards it can make a huge difference in building resilience. We need to take a holistic view of how the body works.

The 5 Stressors in Life to Identify and Minimize [10:12]

Dr. Ehrlich says we can reduce stress by working on these 5 things:

  1. Emotional Health
  2. Environmental Health
  3. Postural Health
  4. Nutritional Health
  5. Dental Health

Try making a mission statement for your life and change your attitude toward stress.

Resiliency in Dating and Relationships [21:32]

If you want to have better relationships and a better life in general, start with sleep and breathwork. The quantity and quality of sleep you get is important. 7-9 hours of sleep is the average amount of sleep humans need to function at their best. People who get 5-6 hours of sleep or less aren’t getting enough sleep.

If you want to be better at dating and be more resilient and give a stronger impression of your true self go to bed earlier and take sleep seriously. It will positively affect your work and personal life. It should be a lifelong habit.

A good night’s rest helps to regulate hormones and can rejuvenate the body.

To practice proper sleep hygiene:

  • Prioritize sleep
  • Make it a routine
  • Change your relationship with technology
  • Drink less alcohol
  • Don’t eat 1-2 hours before bed
  • Regulate the room temperature
  • Have a comfortable bed
  • Eliminate excess noise
  • Make the room dark at dark

Dr. Ehrlich notes that light from the screens we use is affecting our melatonin levels. Get all technology out of your life and your bedroom one hour before you go to bed. Electrical equipment should not be within 5 feet of your head and phones should be set to silent.

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