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Sherrie Toews and Tessa Alburn

Dating Den Episode 155 - With Sherrie Toews and Tessa Alburn: What Core Values Mean to the Successful Women’s Search for Love


Dating Den Episode 155 - With Sherrie Toews and Tessa Alburn: What Core Values Mean to the Successful Women’s Search for Love


Sherrie Toews and Tessa Alburn

Dating Den Episode 155 – With Sherrie Toews and Tessa Alburn: What Core Values Mean to the Successful Women’s Search for Love

Are you one of those women that has ‘tried everything’…

Have you Googled and Youtubed and researched your way into the deepest recesses of… WTF am I doing wrong when it comes to MEN and dating and relationships?

And nothing works for you.

And now you’ve resigned yourself to the fact that LOVE isn’t in the cards for you… and you’re sort of cool with that because your life is great. Right?

But deep down, there’s still a glimmer of hope. A wish. That somehow miracles do happen and you will magically, serendipitously, stumble into… the one?

Good thing you’re here.

We’ve been working with women just like you since 2006, and we know exactly why nothing you’ve done has worked.
And more importantly, we know the one thing you can do that will instantly change your results… so that you can write your own epic love story, after all.

You see, every article, every blog post and every video ever created by well meaning coaches, to help women find love… is missing the one thing that actually creates results.

And even if you know the ‘secret strategy’… the one that helps smart women find a loving, committed relationship with their ideal quality man, (and we do)…

Nothing will work unless you also have, THIS.

What's the Secret?

The secret is living in your integrity with who you really are. Not the reactive you, or the you who was hurt or heart-broken or put a wall up to protect herself, but the loving you. The one who knows she is lovable and worthy of love. The one who knows she is connected to the universe. The one who is so worth taking a stand for and what she believes in. This is about being truly authentic and getting to be a full expression of who you are. When you can live in integrity with and honor the values of that YOU, everything changes.
The whole experience for you, and how men experience you, is going to be a night and day difference. The quality men you want are finally going to see you and pursue you for a relationship. The important people in your life are going to bring you more love. The universe is going to bring you opportunities and synchronicities.

And, you’ll be able to make decisions in a way that is in alignment with who you want to be, and it’s so much easier.

You’ll just know that you are where you’re supposed to be. You won’t be making that up from your brain and trying to rationalize your life. You’ll actually feel it, you’ll know it. And that is a powerful place to be. You’ll be able to choose with love. Then the decisions that you make, you’ll make with a clarity that it’s coming from your truth. You’ll have a compass and you’ll never be lost again. And you’ll get to apply all of this naturally and in an organic way. To who? Everyone and everything you touch in the world because you’re coming from your deepest being.

That’s what happens when you’re living in your integrity and it underlies everything we do as a company.

How We Found Our Truth and Leaned Into Our Integrity As a Company

When the coaching and self-help industry exploded, anyone could market themselves as an expert online, (and still can). It became the ‘virtual’ Wild West. This gave rise to some great, highly qualified coaches, and some not so qualified. The market became saturated with self-proclaimed experts that had produced zero results. Coaches raced to sell the most ‘information’ products. But none focused on results, on creating real transformation that changes lives. Especially in the dating and relationship niche.

We fell into the trap of offering information. Without focusing on our clients’ results. Ultimately, it was out of integrity with who we were as a company. That inspired us to become a high-touch coaching business. A company 100% committed to creating amazing outcomes for our clients. We stopped providing endless products and services and focused only on what we know creates real change. And that’s when everything changed for us as a business.

Today, after more than a decade in the industry, we have a proven system that gets tangible results. We change our clients’ lives.

According to a market study, 80 percent of the women who have been working with us for a year or more are in monogamous long term partnerships with high quality men. In addition, 100% of our clients who have worked with us in our year long program experienced greater overall life and work satisfaction, based on analysis of 14 key areas of life including: intimacy and relationship, leadership ability, productivity, work/life balance and communication skills.

We help our clients find lasting love, and for every client we touch, it creates a ripple effect in their life. We bring more love into the world one person at a time through relationships – which is our mission as a company.

Not only have we developed a core proprietary process that delivers, we are also committed to creating global social change to empower women and promote mental health annual through fundraising projects that have generated more than $500,000 in the last four years.

And, we know that what truly makes us different in the crowded marketplace is that we thrive on integrity and CARE in all that we do, providing compassion towards our clients, holding our clients and team accountable for measurable, specific results, providing research based transformation, and exclusivity, meaning that we only work with clients we know we can help.

In a really crowded market place, it is no longer enough for us to simply acquire our audience’s attention and sell them a product based on price. We are committed to being the preeminent transformational company helping women to courageously create fulfilling intimate relationships and meaningful lives.

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Let us support you for your dating and relationship journey, so that you can create a deeply fulfilling and meaningful life.

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