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Episode 94



What it Takes to Turn Your Life Around Completely When You Can’t Stop Dating a Bad-for-You Guy

Episode 94

What it Takes to Turn Your Life Around Completely When You Can’t Stop Dating a Bad-for-You Guy



Dating Den Episode 94 – With Julie: What it Takes to Turn Your Life Around Completely When You Can’t Stop Dating a Bad-for-You Guy

So, what’s really holding you back from the great guy and lasting relationship you want… what’s stopping you?

Do you only find guys that are commitment phobic… or they lose interest and disappear…

Do you keep making bad choices, attracting unavailable men…

Are you attracted to bad boys…?

In this special one-year later coaching update episode, client Julie shares the amazing direction her life has taken since following the Release, Reveal, and Rejuvenate process.

Julie is a smart, successful woman who thought that leaning into her feminine would make her seem weak. She is now in a relationship with a quality man who not only shares her passions – but he values her.

It’s Now or Never [2:21]

Before contacting Marni, Julie had been dating a guy on and off for about 5-months. Just keeping the relationship alive was costing her her friends and her self-worth. If he called she would drop whatever plans she had just to see him. She felt if she didn’t take the time and the effort with this guy she would never meet another high-caliber guy. She felt like it was her last chance to find true love.

She felt like she was leading and pushing the relationship towards where she wanted it to go. She started struggling with depression. All of her thoughts became consumed with him. She was doing things for him but nothing for herself. On the outside, Julie looked like she had it all together. The rest of the world had no idea Julie was losing herself over a guy.

The crisis point came when he canceled a weekend trip with little to no explanation.

After being coached by Marni on the podcast, Julie had the verbal framework and the courage to have the conversation she needed to have. But, she waited two months to get the words out because she was afraid of what the outcome would be. She knew it would be a game changer for her. She truly believed there were no high-quality men in her future.

Reveal, Release, Rejuvenate [14:27]

Julie realized she was in her masculine and trying to control and create instead of going with the flowing and being the person she truly is. There was no room for the guy to be in her life or to get to know her. She recognized she needed ongoing support. She joined the Reveal, Release, Rejuvenate process.

What made the reveal, release rejuvenate process different than other personal development work she had done is that in just 10-weeks she was able to overcome her limiting beliefs for the long-term. By focusing on finding herself instead of finding a man, she was able to let herself be seen in all aspects of her life.

Spending time in her feminine allowed Julie’s core essence to blossom and be comfortable with being seen.

Then Versus Now: How Julie Changed Her Life [21:47]

In just one year after working with Marni’s program, Julie says she is no longer on antidepressants, her work life is amazing, and she has multiple opportunities to do the things she loves. She is now in a relationship with a man she calls emotionally intelligent and kind. They share common values and passions.

So, what changed for Julie?

When Julie started changing her beliefs about herself and showing more of her true self to the world she started attracting things and people she deserved. She used to think that being in her feminine and being vulnerable made her weak. But, after the Reveal, Release, and Rejuvenate process she feels comfortable sharing her hopes and fears.

Six months ago, Julie says she never would have believed that she could be in a relationship that feels so natural.

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