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Episode 110



What To Do if You Can’t Figure Out If He’s Into You or If He’s the Real Deal for Real

Episode 110

What To Do if You Can’t Figure Out If He’s Into You or If He’s the Real Deal for Real



Dating Den Episode 110 – With Amy: What To Do if You Can’t Figure Out If He’s Into You or If He’s the Real Deal for Real

Do dating and relationships tend to make you anxious?

Do you look at your phone obsessively when you’re waiting to hear from a guy?

Do you over analyze everything he says or texts… trying to figure out what he’s thinking and how he feels?

Then don’t miss this episode!

Amy wants to become a savvy dater.

She finds herself over analyzing everything… trying to figure out what a guy is thinking and what clues he may be sending her about how the date is going. She also puts up her love shield in defense of her uncertainty.

Marni coaches her through understanding her own motivations for succumbing to anxiety and how she can release her fear by leaning into her faith.

How to Know What is on a Guy’s Mind [2:41]

Amy really wants to enjoy dating but she gets hung up on how the guy is feeling about her. To size up how a date is going, she searches for clues from a guy’s body language or his facial expressions. She is looking for positive feedback.

She reveals she has a history of domestic violence and dating narcissists. This creates insecurity in her so she puts up her love shield. This behavior is meant to protect her but it can also push men away.

Coaching Notes:

  • If you have questions about things that are out of your control change your inquiry into a high-quality ‘me’ question. Consider what is going on inside of you to make you feel a certain way.
  • Even if you have been hurt in the past, be open to believing someone’s words as long as their behavior matches.

How to Trust Yourself [11:43]

Amy knows the negative consequences of attaching too quickly. She admits she has a pattern of doing this and it never works in her favor. She says wants a relationship and connection. She is quick to imagine how she might fit into a guy’s life.

She truly desires to be more relaxed and enjoy casual dating instead of expecting a relationship quickly.

Marni walks her through the ways she is putting the man in charge of her emotional safety. Marni reminds her that she is in charge of herself and not the guy. So why is she trying to give up her power?

Amy shares her longing for validation. She gets stuck in a rut about what the little things mean. She understands she needs to trust herself more.

Understanding Your Triggers [19:01]

Amy says she may be enjoying a date and feel comfortable sharing her life stories with someone and then she falls into her feelings of uncertainty.

Marni recommends:

  • Dissecting this moment right when it happens to find out what is triggering her fear.
  • Amy should ask herself ‘What is the feeling I have in my body before I attach a story to what is happening?’
  • She should get curious about the story she makes up about not having her happily ever after.
  • When she feels the fear come upon her she needs to relax and move back into her God connection.
  • She should add a physical, somatic aspect to her calming practice.

She is activating a new muscle and breaking an old pattern. When she feels disconnected from peace and calm she should consider what story she is making up.

When she is not anxious Amy knows she can chill out because God will be bringing her the perfect guy. She should relax and enjoy her dates.

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