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Chris Gillis

Dating Den Episode 254 - Bachelorette Recap with Chris Gillis: What To Do If You Think He Is Pulling Away


Dating Den Episode 254 - Bachelorette Recap with Chris Gillis: What To Do If You Think He Is Pulling Away


Chris Gillis

Dating Den Episode 254 –Bachelorette Recap with Chris Gillis: What To Do If You Think He Is Pulling Away

This Bachelorette recap features real-life dating advice taken from the most recent episodes of the show. Marni and Man Panelist Chris Gillis talk about ‘Machete’ Katie. She is a break-up artist. Is she breaking up with guys quickly because she has already chosen Greg?

Key takeaways from this episode:

  • Examples of how mature, high-quality guys act
  • TV is made for drama
  • Do women want vulnerable men?
  • Has Katie already made her choice?

Guys Try to Get to First Date [2:10]

Marni and Chris make note that not all the guys are getting one-on-one time with Katie. There are 5 or 6 guys left and not all of them have even gotten to their first date. If the show is designed to end in engagement the producers better get on it.

Tip — don’t get engaged to someone to whom you have never been on a date.

Brendan is an example of a quality guy. He never got a date card and he wanted to know why. He went directly to Katie and asked. Marni thinks it should have been the other way around and Katie should have said something to Brendan before he felt it necessary to go to her.

A quality person lets the other person know how they are feeling and why something is not working.

When you break up with someone, mimic what Andrew did. Don’t send the one last thing text. Go to the other person and say “let’s end this with a smile.” Marni reiterates that actions are important. If you don’t want to be the backup person, bow out when it’s appropriate.
Look for a guy who has the mature qualities Andrew S. displays.

Katie & Greg Forever [22:08]

Marni has a theory about what is going on behind the scenes. She thinks Katie sat down with the producers and let them know she has already made her decision to choose Greg. But, the producers still have some weeks to fill with content so they are giving her easy break-ups so she can go through the motions.

Bachelorette Predictions? [31:01]

Marni and Chris both agree it will be Greg. Although Chris believes Katie is choosing Greg for different reasons than Marni. Chris says Katie is like a nurse to Greg and she is addicted to his resting, sad face. When he is unsure and wavering, Katie enjoys reassuring him. Chris thinks the relationship will get stale after a little while.

Marni, on the other hand, thinks Greg signed up for the Bachelorette thinking the show is stupid. But, he likes Katie so he is trying to ignore the TV/entertainment aspects. He feels out of integrity with himself to keep the show going. And, Katie doesn’t want him to leave the show before she chooses him.

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