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Marni Battista

Dating Den Episode 206 - With Marni Battista: Why Men Disappear — Is It Something I Did? And, How to Stop Being Ghosted for Good


Dating Den Episode 206 - With Marni Battista: Why Men Disappear — Is It Something I Did? And, How to Stop Being Ghosted for Good


Marni Battista

Dating Den Episode 206 – With Marni Battista: Why Men Disappear — Is It Something I Did? And, How to Stop Being Ghosted for Good

If you have had enough of being under-valued, ghosted, and offered crumbs by the men you attract, in this episode Marni answers the question of why men send mixed messages and don’t follow through. She lays out the blueprint for creating a shift in your life. Plus, she sheds light on what you might be doing or saying that makes quality men disappear. And, tips for what you can do to create an undeniable, magnetic attraction and devotion that lasts.

Key takeaways from this episode:

  • 5 Things Women Who Attract High-Quality Men Do
  • Why you need to invest in professional help
  • How to bring love, joy, passion, and commitment into your life

Create Desire in Men [7:58]

Quality men recognize if you are coming from a place of lack because it is apparent in your smile, your comments, and even your online profile. But, when you transform into desire when you become the object of a man’s desire, there is nothing he won’t do to date you or to ‘get’ you.

You will become irresistible to him. Men are often consumed with trying to “get” you.

It does not matter how much fun you have with a guy, or how much you have in common, he will be emotionally unavailable or just give you crumbs until you create a desire in him.

When you rewire the neural pathways you become irresistible to men.

Your Self-Worth is Not About Him [16:36]

When you get stuck in a cycle of focusing on a guy instead of yourself, you hand over all of your power and self-worth. If you get caught up and make everything about him you are not focusing on the real problem, which is you don’t have a guy problem, you have a reaction problem.

You may be leaking negative energy when you interact with men and you don’t even know it. This behavior attracts unavailable men who are not willing to commit. You will keep attracting what is familiar until you make a shift.

Lose the 10% That Kills Desire [20:38]

This shift is truly a secret weapon. You need to lose the 10% of you that sends the wrong energy and attracts the wrong men by killing desire. You know, 90% of you is great. You have an amazing life. You are a great catch with a big heart and have so much love to give. But, there are one or two small things you are doing that causes you to kill desire and sabotage your relationships.

Do you know what your 10% is? No, because it is impossible for you to know. But, here’s the trick, the men who date you know it.

Discover the 10% that is holding you back by:

  • Reveal — Uncover your unique 10%
  • Release — Let go or lose the 10%
  • Rejuvenate — Adopt a strategy that makes you irresistible

You have the opportunity to fulfill the mission of your soul. This exercise allows you to love, care for, receive, and be cherished. You get to enjoy life, experience intimacy, love and connect with a man who adores you.

Choose the Man You Want, Not the Man You Get [34:25]

You have always had a choice when it comes to men and love, but you chose wrong. Your heart was in the right place but you thought you had to get a man to like you. You made allowances for possibilities other than the relationships you truly wanted. You attracted those men because you felt you needed to settle or that it wasn’t up to you.

You need to create the parameters of what you want from your ideal match. You don’t have to settle. The man you want needs to become 100% your choice.

When you make this shift you will attract your man like a giant magnet.

Invest in Mentoring [41:28]

Think about it, if you could have done it by thinking your way out of your thoughts, you would have done it already. Do not be embarrassed or ashamed that you need help in this part of your life. Do not think getting help is a sign of weakness. It is not. You have never been given the tools to attract high-quality men before.

You need more than advice to attract high-quality guys. You need to work with an expert.

If you don’t have a dating strategy and you do not shift anything, nothing will change for you. The Ignite Your Life blueprint empowers you to create intimacy. It is an integrative approach designed specifically for you.

Have you finally had enough of being alone? One of the most self-honoring things you can do for yourself is to declare out loud that you want to be in an intimate healthy relationship. Admit that you want to attract a partner who adds a sense of calm and brings ease to your life.

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