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Episode 96



Why Your Online Profile Probably Sucks: How to Change Your Results by Changing What You Can Change

Episode 96

Why Your Online Profile Probably Sucks: How to Change Your Results by Changing What You Can Change



Dating Den Episode 96 – With Jesse: Why Your Online Profile Probably Sucks: How to Change Your Results by Changing What You Can Change

Does it feel like you keep meeting the same wrong guy, but he has a different face…?

When you meet a new guy, is there a point where you start to see the same bad signs and the same obstacles you’ve come across before?

You’re not alone.

If you aren’t specific, and to be honest a little ruthless when it comes to men and relationships…

You won’t get what you want.

In this one-on-one coaching session, Marni works with Jesse to shift her mindset and online profile. Jesse uses her online dating profile to meet men – but she is not meeting the quality guys who share her same values.

Marni peels back the layers to uncover that while Jesse is deeply committed to her kids and active lifestyle, her online profile doesn’t reflect her core values.

Dating with Kids [5:59]

Jesse admits she may have been a tad naive about going into the dating world with kids. She thought it wouldn’t be an issue because everyone has a past. When several attempts with traditional dating methods didn’t pan out, Jesse joined an online dating site hoping to filter through guys who were not in her same family situation.

She created her online dating profile to focus on the things she thought would be fun to do on a date. What she left out were her core values around her family life. So, it makes sense that she is attracting men who don’t have the same values.

If you want to attract your perfect partner, your online dating profile should reflect your top 5 core values.

The Importance of Marketing Your True Self Online [15:03]

Marni says not putting your values in your profile will cause unnecessary dating and sifting through men who won’t fit into your life. If you make your values known, the right guy who has the same core values will be attracted to your profile.

Whoever you are dating, especially if they have never had kids, they will never understand what it is like to be a mom. The guy needs to understand that no matter how good the relationship is, their wants and needs may become a secondary.

To Write the Best Online Dating Profile:

1. Lean in to your true self and your core values. What it is like to be a good parent?
2. Make sure the right guy knows he needs to share your values.
3. Let him know that you will make time to make him feel special.
4. Paint a picture of what the relationship will look like.

Market Yourself to the RIGHT Guy: Jesse’s Homework [23:58]

Marni gives Jesse some homework that will improve her dating life and increase her chances to meet Mr. Right.

1. She needs to write down her core values.
2. She needs to consider what she is doing in her life that reflects those core values.
3. She needs to remove her current online profile and write a new one that paints a picture of her core values.
4. She needs to forget her old story and lean into who she really is.
5. She needs to shift her mindset from having kids while dating is an asset, not an issue.

To all the ladies out there who are struggling with the same dilemma —

The more self-accepting and authentic you are the higher your chances are to find the right guy who knows you are his dream girl.

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