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Episode 76


Lou Paget

Answers to the Burning Questions About Sex That You’ve Been Too Embarrassed To Ask

Episode 76

Answers to the Burning Questions About Sex That You’ve Been Too Embarrassed To Ask


Lou Paget

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Dating Den Episode 76 – With Lou Paget: Answers to the Burning Questions About Sex That You’ve Been Too Embarrassed To Ask

You know you want to…

We’re all thinking about it.

So go ahead…

Let’s talk about SEX!

How do you get exactly what you want from a man without seeming pushy… is there a guaranteed way to drive a man wild…

Is it your fault if he can’t get aroused… and what to do when it happens?

Questions, questions, we all have so many questions!

And on today’s podcast you’ll find ANSWERS.

The World’s Best Sex Educator is in the den!

Today’s guest, sex expert Lou Paget, has been researching human sexuality for over three decades.

She began organizing focus groups on sexuality and health for women in the early ‘90s, never expecting the global fame and popularity that these little discussion groups would generate. She facilitates revolutionary seminars and educates people on the value of sexual forrays, fantasies, fallacies and fears in a safe and open forum.

As an international bestselling author of five books, including How to Be a Great Lover, and How to Give Her Absolute Pleasure: Totally Explicit Techniques Every Woman Wants Her Man to Know, Lou “turns on” the world with crucial information about sex.

She has been featured in Cosmo, GQ, Jane, Real Sex TV and now she’s here with Marni in the den.

What’s Up with 69? [6:59]

Lou explains that the problem with 69 is that it takes women so much effort to drop off all outside stimuli and just focus on the physical. It’s hard to focus because there are so many things happening at once. Men, on the other hand, are into it because they see it in porn, and in magazines. They have been taught to like it.

Try using 69 as foreplay and making the main course something more intimate.

The Biggest Questions Women Have About Sex [10:06]

Real sex is not like in the movies where couples climax simultaneously – if you are wondering why you can’t reach orgasm during intercourse, you are not alone! To increase your chances of climaxing, try going on top. Women are more likely to reach orgasm in this position. Also, manual or oral stimulation is more likely to help you reach orgasm than penetration is.

And, if you want a man to do what feels good to you, learn what you enjoy. Be open-minded about trying new things and encourage your partner to be too. If you want to try adult toys, ask your partner if they are open to the idea. Don’t be shy, it’s just sex!

Only about 20% of women orgasm during intercourse.

Trends in Sexual Health [23:33]

Stem cells exist naturally in our bodies, and the use of them for sexual health is very trendy right now. Lou says if a woman has lost elasticity in her clitoris or labia during menopause, stem cells or platelet-rich plasma (PRP’s) can be injected locally to bring back the fullness of tissue and even improve bladder control function. Stem cells can also be used by men to alleviate erectile issues.

Erectile Dysfunction is Real [27:43]

For men over 40, erectile dysfunction is a very real condition that can make the possibility of getting and maintaining an erection iffy. If they are stressed, on medication, or not frequently masturbating, this will be something the female partner needs to consider. The use of antidepressants can actually cause sexual dysfunction – in both men and women.

Don’t let erectile dysfunction stop your sexual fulfillment. Touching can be as arousing as penetration. There are many other ways to achieve sexual intimacy.

You don’t have to have intercourse in order to be satisfied sexually.

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