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Episode 92


Kim Seltzer

Choosing the Right Pics to Get Clicks —How to Attract Your High-Caliber Man Online, Now!

Episode 92

Choosing the Right Pics to Get Clicks —How to Attract Your High-Caliber Man Online, Now!


Kim Seltzer

Dating Den Episode 92 – With Kim Seltzer: Choosing the Right Pics to Get Clicks —How to Attract Your High-Caliber Man Online, Now!

Okay Ladies, when was the last time you updated your pics online?

Do you feel great about the way you look, the image you’re putting out there?

What do you think attracts the best men online…

There are so many women online, what makes quality men sit up and go…”yes!”?

Is it a pretty face or sexy body, a sense of style or is it more about the overall essence?

The answer will surprise you.

When you learn to market yourself online and off, you can treat your online dating profile as your personalized dating service.

Image and Flirting Coach, Kim Seltzer joins Marni to share her top tips for attracting the high-caliber man you’ve been looking for. Sexy isn’t an accident. You will want to update your profile immediately after listening to this episode!

Are Your Limiting Beliefs Getting in the Way of You Finding an High-Caliber Guy? [3:34]

There are many things women tell themselves that get in the way of them finding the right guy.

Do you have these limiting beliefs?:

  • Are you confident on the inside and you don’t think you need to worry about your outward appearance?
  • You don’t make the most of your sexiness because you want a man who wants you for your intelligence.
  • You discount how beautiful your body is by wearing clothes that are too big for you.

If you want to change your life then ditch these limiting beliefs and change your image. Image is — how you are perceived by other people.

Are you sending guys mixed messages about who you are and what you want by hiding yourself under the wrong clothes?

To attract a male, a sexual partner exudes a sexy, feminine image.

How-to Portray a Sexy Image Online [10:17]

A survey found that women should look directly into the camera and smile because if you look in another direction you may be perceived as aloof or bitchy.

Kim’s Top Tips for Your Online Dating Pics:

  • Have a full body shot in a dress.
  • Less is more. You are only as good as your best picture.
  • Pics should show your beautiful, feminine self.
  • Be approachable in your pics. Body language is key.
  • Consider what a guy would like.

At the end of the day, men love women who love themselves. So, let your best self shine through!

How-to Portray a Sexy Image Offline [25:53]

Sure sweatpants are comfy but is that what you want a guy’s first impression of you to be? Research shows that a first impression is made within 30-seconds of meeting a person. So, if you only have 30-seconds to attract a high-caliber guy what should you do?

1. Wear a dress. Men love it and you will feel feminine and sexy.
2. Wear heels. Big, chunky heels can show off your calves just as much as stilettos.
3. Wear something that makes you feel good and showcases your best features.

Ultimately, you want to be the person you want to attract. If what you are doing currently isn’t working you need to change it up and marinate in your feminine.

If you want to find the high-caliber man you desire, make an appointment with the Dating Den experts at

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