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Episode 119


Nova Wightman

Do This One Thing 5 Times a Week to Meet High-Quality Men You Like, Right Now

Episode 119

Do This One Thing 5 Times a Week to Meet High-Quality Men You Like, Right Now


Nova Wightman

Dating Den Episode 119 – With Nova Wightman: Do This One Thing 5 Times a Week to Meet High-Quality Men You Like, Right Now

Do you know how to raise your energy level? Do you know how raising your vibration can help you to attract high-quality men into your life? If not, this episode is exactly what you need right now. Marni welcomes Nova Wightman to the show. Nova is an expert in conscious manifestation, an author, a speaker, reiki master, and a Conversations with God coach. She helps spiritual seekers become spiritual rock stars. By blending spirituality with humanity you can enjoy life and all the beautiful things it has to offer. During this episode, you will learn more about conscious manifestation, and how to align it with who you are and raise your vibration to become your most authentic self

Increase Your Energetic Vibration to Get the Life You Want [3:14]

Type ‘A’ people may believe they already exist in a higher vibration but stress and constant stimulation are actually on the lower part of the vibrational spectrum. If you live in a constant state of activity you can benefit by raising your vibration. Raising your vibration will make you feel better and have an improved state of being. Basically, you will access more magic by letting in different aspects of yourself through. Assisting you in meeting other people who exist in a more peaceful state of being.

If your thoughts are high but your physical body feels constricted it is a signal that you may have some work to do.

Take a proactive approach to your well-being, dating, and relationships by incorporating a daily practice into your life. Because it is not actually the person or relationship we want, it is how the connection makes us feel that attracts us.

You don’t need a yoga mat, you don’t need to light candles, or have a special place for your
practice. It’s simply about cultivating consistency about turning your attention inward. It’s about cultivating a strong bond within you so that over time, everything is strengthened. It’s building a proactive foundation

Different Ways to Raise Your Vibration [18:24]

Nova recommends the simple practice going back to the common childhood practice of daydreaming. It’s powerful as a meditation technique. Just quietly thinking about the things that light you up and charge your system. No matter the technique you choose be it a walking meditation, binaural beats, chanting, etc. It’s about the absence of resistance in your life. Meditation doesn’t have to be the same thing every day. Choose the right thing for you.

Remember, if you start from a distracted place it can be hard to jump to the higher states of joy you wish to attain. Getting too specific can invite the mind to conjure up limitations such as yeah, but. Stay simple.

If you have to ditch the daydreaming because it’s not working repeat a mantra or listen to a guided meditation. And, instead of beating yourself up or feeling as if you will never do it right, realize something is distracting you so try and change-up your practice.

You will recognize when your intuition is reaching out over your ego when fear and worry are removed from your thoughts.

Have the Right Expectations [30:15]

It’s important to remember that the universe is balanced. There will always be ups and down, yin and yang. You can not eliminate all the negative aspects of life. Having a daily practice is all about recovering to the higher state more easily and gracefully so you can stay in the sweet spot of alignment more often than not.

Manifestation is about setting your intention and asking the universe to bring the best, most aligned thing for you. Be careful not to be too specific about what you want in your life because when you exist at a higher vibration you will get what you desire. Be sure to ask the universe for the best match for you, not a specific person.

Keep your vibration high so the door to the universe will stay open and the cosmic delivery person can come and deliver you what you need.

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