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Episode 49


Patti Contenta

How to Flirt, Even If You Are Not Good (or really bad) at Flirting.

Episode 49

How to Flirt, Even If You Are Not Good (or really bad) at Flirting.


Patti Contenta

Dating Den Episode 49 – With Patty Contenta: How to Flirt, Even If You Are Not Good (or really bad) at Flirting.

So many ladies ask me about flirting! Does flirting have to be sexual? How do I flirt if I am an introvert? And the popular, how exactly does one flirt?

I decided to bring in an expert to answer all of your questions.

Patti Contenta is a professional dancer, choreographer and the Founder of Sensuality Secrets. Her e-book, Desirable and Deserving and her video series Sexy in Seconds help women to find more playful techniques to flirting, build self-esteem and to exude a self-confidence quality men are magnetized to.

How to Flirt Without Putting Out a Sexual Vibe [3:18]

So many women shut down because they don’t want to send a sexual vibe when flirting. Internal self-confidence struggles can make a woman rigid and fearful. Patty has developed a flirting formula which starts with being a charismatic person first. Her ‘How to Create Rapport Through Charisma & How to Use Body Language to Enhance the Experience and Make it More Romantic can transform the way you flirt.

4 Virtues to Becoming Charismatic [7:20]

Working with a woman’s natural style is important. Charisma is leaving someone with a positive impression of you and leaving the other person with a positive impression about themselves.

The four virtues that someone else should feel in your presence are:

A – Appreciation

C – Connection

E – Elevation

S – Self-Expression

Focus on the human connection, display your individuality, and be a good story teller.

Transition Tools for Women [32:08]

Patty says the key to connecting with another human being is to become the kind of person who owns their experiences in life. And, when you want to take it to the next level. Start with charisma and turn up the dial with non-verbal cues to make you feel more sensual. It will flow naturally.

To get to Wa-Wa-Woo try self-touch. A man will notice you are more in your body as your feminine sensual nature slowly shows through.

Be comfortable with who you are and the body you have.

Make a Connection:

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