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Monica Berg

Dating Den Episode 167 - With Monica Berg: How to Tell if Your Connection is Real


Dating Den Episode 167 - With Monica Berg: How to Tell if Your Connection is Real


Monica Berg

Dating Den Episode 167 – With Monica Berg: How to Tell if Your Connection is Real

Are you looking for ‘the one’, but sometimes you get caught up with the one right now?
Do you get caught up in attraction and chemistry, and lose sight of what you really need to feel loved and seen?

And then you end up in a relationship where you’re not getting what you want, especially after the initial passion wears off.

Here’s the thing, do you know what you really want from a man and a relationship and more importantly…

Do you know how to get them?

In this episode, Marni welcomes speaker, author, self-described change junkie, Monica Berg into the Dating Den.

Monica’s books, Fear is Not an Option and Rethink Love are guidebooks for those who desire transformation in their relationships and life.

During this episode, she shares how knowing what we want for ourselves can help us to have better relationships and to make deeper connections with those we love.

Key takeaways from this episode:

  • How to accept and adapt to change
  • Learn your fighting style
  • How to have compassion for your partner
  • Figure out how to be clear about what you want for yourself

Relationships Aren’t Stable [3:58]

Relationships are meant to grow and get better every year… even during quarantine, when we may be with our partners for 24-hours a day. Monica believes this is a great opportunity for us to look at the state of our lives and how we relate to one another. 

Before the pandemic we all had the luxury of escape by going shopping or out for drinks with a friend. Now, we should take stock of the things we love about our lives.

In her book, Rethink Love, Monica notes that relationships are not stable. There are supposed to be ups and downs, she says. Fighting is important in a relationship because it shows that you care and are passionate about it.
But what if you have a different fighting style than your partner… does that mean the relationship is doomed?

Rethinking Change [5]

We need to have a healthy respect for change because change is the only constant.

In relationships there are two distinct personalities involved. This can add fun, opportunities, and excitement. But this also means there are a lot of differences. Take fighting styles for example. What kind of fighting style was each person exposed to when they were a child? How has that influenced their fighting style?

Listen now to hear the 5 steps you can take to fight productively, so you can get what you really want from your partner, and the relationship!

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