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Dating Den Episode 191 - With Marni: The #1 Thing Quality Men Can’t Resist


Dating Den Episode 191 - With Marni: The #1 Thing Quality Men Can’t Resist



Dating Den Episode 191 – With Marni: The #1 Thing Quality Men Can’t Resist

Marni graces us with a solo episode today about how to get your beautiful, authentic self into the top 10% of the dating pool.

Key takeaways from this episode:

  • How to exude confidence from within
  • The difference between self-esteem and self-worth
  • Shed the protective armor
  • Stop the emotional leaking

Exuding Confidence from Within [2:17]

When a guy sees you as confident and self-reliant he knows you don’t need him to make yourself feel important, seen, known, whole, and loveable. He will be attracted to the fact that he can give you all of his love but you can fill up your own tank. This is the key to adding to each other’s lives.

Men want to believe that their life will be enhanced if you are in it. If you are leaking your unconscious limiting beliefs you are just showing up without a strategy. When you go out on a date a man can recognize that you aren’t comfortable in your own skin.

A quality guy doesn’t want to be emotionally responsible for making you whole.

Remember, your unresolved and unhealed childhood wounds keep you emotionally stuck. You may have intellectually done the work, but it may be unresolved emotionally.

Are You Armored Up? [12:10]

When you don’t feel emotionally safe it is hard to be vulnerable and to have boundaries. And, true emotional confidence comes from feeling emotionally safe. This is how you uncover your true authentic self.

How do you react to things? How do you interpret emails and texts? How do you armor up to protect yourself from rejection?

Look at the process underneath your behavior? Are you coming from an emotionally wounded place? For the man who thinks you are amazing and attractive if you are emotionally leaking it may not be something he can sustain for the long term.

When you communicate your full, authentic self. It comes through in your body language, energy, and essence. This is what is irresistible to men.

Take an honest assessment of yourself and find the gaps. It is in the gaps that you can create your intention. Fill yourself up with self-love.

Where do you need to do the work?

Be in the Top 10% of the Dating Pool [20:34]

How can you feel completely safe so you allow more of yourself to be present? How can you allow more of your yummy, delicious, authentic self to be present? What is getting in the way of you being in the top 10% percent?

Remember, it is not how old you are, it’s not the weight on the scale, it’s not where you live… those are convenient justifications.

When you exude confidence. You attract the high-quality guy and you will commit yourself to each other.

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