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Stacy McAlpine

Life Check Yourself 286 – With Stacy McAlpine: The #1 Thing that Will Predict Who Digs You and Who Doesn't


Life Check Yourself 286 – With Stacy McAlpine: The #1 Thing that Will Predict Who Digs You and Who Doesn't


Stacy McAlpine

Life Check Yourself Episode 286 – With Stacy McAlpine: The #1 Thing that Will Predict Who Digs You and Who Doesn't

Marni speaks with Institute of Living Courageously graduate Stacy McAlpine. Stacy is the founder and CEO of Journey Fuel and Host of the Ignite Your Day daily podcast. Before transforming her life, Stacy spent 20-years consulting for some of the top financial corporations. Today, she helps others start their journey to freedom. If you are ready to live a life on your terms, this episode is for you. Key takeaways from this episode:
  • Finding the courage to do what is best for you
  • Achieving personal and professional freedom
  • Listening to your inner voice
  • Engineering a life you love
  • Connecting back to how you want to feel

Reaching Out for Help [2:22]

Stacy shares a bit of her history from before attending the Institute of Living Courageously. At 45, she decided it was time to wake up and change her life. After her divorce, she felt as if life had beaten her up. She realized she was now responsible for her own choices instead of depending on someone else.

She initially called Marni for dating advice after being heartbroken by a guy she was dating. But instead of simple dating advice, Marni advised her that she needed to heal herself before she could live a life of love with someone else. Stacy’s intellectual brain had been running the show. And, to untangle all the pieces that were keeping her stuck, she had to go back to basics and invest in herself. She invested in programs with Marni and then into her business, Journey Fuel.

Finding Personal and Professional Freedom [12:06]

To create a shift in her life, Stacy had to look to her past to connect the dots. She realized there were little things in her life that got her to where she was now; she just didn’t know they were stepping stones.

She feared she wouldn’t succeed. But, the team at the Institute of Living Courageously gave her the confidence to rely on herself. Stacy needed to pause when she was triggered by fear, then remember all the self-development tools and knowledge she had accumulated in her lifetime.

When you are mired in a struggle it is hard to tap into your true consciousness and awareness.

Design the Life You Want [28:04]

Stacy knew she wanted to live near the ocean so she moved herself and her girls to California. She got caught up in the how of changing her life instead of the why. Without knowing it, she was engineering in the wrong direction.

So she took a pause and decided to leave her job. Her ‘why’ was calling out to her. What Stacy wanted was to wake up every morning and do work she loved. She realized she could stand up for herself. She could go after something she wanted instead of being stuck in something she didn’t want.

Stacy created Journey Fuel. The point of Journey Fuel was to create a life that she loved waking up to and to help women to create a similar spark in themselves.

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