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Episode 36


Jeannie Assimos

Profile Mistakes Smart Women Think They Are Too Smart To Make

Episode 36

Profile Mistakes Smart Women Think They Are Too Smart To Make


Jeannie Assimos

Dating Den Episode 36 – With Jeannie Assimos: Profile Mistakes Smart Women Think They Are Too Smart To Make

You have a great online dating profile right? Or do you? Just one fatal mistake can result in receiving emails from men who are absolutely not in your “league,” looking for a hookup, and totally frustrated with online dating.

That’s why the queen of profiles at eHarmony is here to tell us what makes our online dating profiles so ineffective.

Since 2008, Jeannie Assimos has been managing eHarmony’s PR and social media as well as overseeing their advice site which receives over 2 million unique visitors a month. She previously worked as the Managing Director for Entertainment Tonight and The Insider.

Missteps in Your Profile [03:59]

Jeannie tells us where we are making mistakes in our dating profile.

Photos, Photos, and Photos.
Have more than one photo. No one reaches out when you only have one photo.
Have clear photos. If the guy doesn’t know which girl you are in the photo he may want to date your friend.
Add a variety of flattering photos.
Don’t waste precious space!
Generic, throwaway lines have to go. Add some detail and add what makes you unique.
Think about language that will make a difference and get you to stand apart from the crowd.
Don’t assume everyone knows what you mean. Expound.
Negativity does not belong in your profile.
Write your profile when you are in a good mood.
Think about what you want and not what you don’t want.
Be yourself and add what is important to you.

Dating is like a business so put your best foot forward.

Be Honest [16:21]

Even if you are 45 but look like you are going on 32 put your real age down. Lying on your profile can never lead to something real and true. Many people get hung up on their age. It’s better to own who you are and be beautifully confident in it.

Most eHarmony couples are close to the same age.

3 Things to Put Your Thought and Intention Into [23:05]

Put thought and intention into your profile.

Put thought and intention into your thoughts.

Put thought and intention into the courage to put yourself out there.

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